February 27, 2015
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The following emergent technologies are among those that we have reviewed. We believe they represent the kind of solutions that could make the world a better place and mold the future for our children.

Searl Magnetics


Alternative Energy refers to energy derived from emerging technologies. Some alternative technologies such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tide, and wave energy are known on the conventional end of the spectrum. Others like cold fusion, magnet motors, water as fuel and zero point energy are considered non-conventional. We believe we can harness the wheelwork of nature with clean sustainable emerging technologies and improve these to work towards achieving energy independence. The time has come for you to have a vehicle to support these technologies with your donation. Every contribution does make a difference and our purpose is to represent your voice.

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North Point Charity is a well-established 501(c)3; tax-free organization that raises tax-deductible donations to support non-conventional technologies which we believe could make significant progress toward the marketplace. We are the only established non-profit in the world that provides this. As a non-profit some revenues could recycle back to North Point and possibly allow us to help other promising technologies to progress to market. Ideally, your donation will be helping "pay it forward" for technologies and solutions that could get overlooked by mainstream markets. We become the bridge to connect new technologies that are clean and environmentally friendly to current trending utility function. By supporting these emerging technologies North Point believes they are answering the call for change and provide a way to help you to bring hope and purpose to a troubled world. Simply, we provide a charitable belief system for those seeking clean energy independence for our future generations.